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Food an issue? Fitness not happening?
Focus gone out the window?

Chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, cake, lollies, diet drinks, soft drink, pastries, cheese and crackers.

Anywhere from New Zealand and the world to have a two week live in experience.

If you feel you are obsessed about your weight and wellbeing and addicted to some type of food, lack motivation and movement in your life and would seriously like to kick some habits…

Contact us ASAP for details.

Email me

with your details: Name, age, email, phone number and where you live. Include your f word issues,  i.e. chocolate, coca cola etc, couch potato and briefly, how addicted you are, how much you consume, your weight and how this effects you. Tell us where you are with everything and how determined you be to.

If living in for two weeks, and longer is what you need, Phyllis takes people for up to 12 weeks and beyond.


If living in is not your thing and you want a weekend

away then our weekend retreat maybe for you



fresh start

29th November until the 3rd December 2015
Come spend a weekend with Phyllis Briggs in the beautiful
relaxing Kaikoura. This weekend is action packed and will be life changing.


For more information about this event

Click Here

For further enquiries or to book your place call us on 027 4596387 or email

Want to be inspired?
Watch Campbell Live Story

We were really pleased to see Food Direct make a cameo appearance on Campbell live. The story was about the Damian Kristof health retreat on Waiheke Island. Food Direct was asked to supply all the food for the weekend retreat.

The Campbell live feature showed Food Direct making the delivery and then zoomed in to show just how fantastic and fresh our produce is. If you didn’t see this you can view it online here.

Want to Know More?

Anyway I hope you are having an awesome fun and happy day. Where ever you are, whatever you are doing no matter what life is throwing at you, remember every monrning is a new beginning and it’s never too late to make a date to change or improve your health!Number one take away for today“It all works out when we work out!” Get shaking that booty!

To Your F’s. Fun, Focus and Fitness!


Co Founder of Slim You International
Motivational Speaker 0800 7546968 – +64 3847451